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   Lesley Illingworth            

   Textile Artist, Designer Maker

   BA Hons. in Embroidery for Fashion,

   Interiors and Textile Art

Story Telling Coat


20160109_203223 image2-2 ATT_1459939632044_image9800 dsc6499-artist-lesley-illingworth-shows-off-her-storytelling-coat

The Storytelling Coat was exhibited in the Shoddy Exhibition in Leeds and was pictured and quoted in an article by Frances Ryan in The Observer on the 3.4.16


and in the Shoddy blog.  https://shoddyexhibition.wordpress.com/

The coat was displayed in Batley Museum and Art Gallery (www.kirklees.gov.uk/batleygallery) in June and also at TheLeeds Centre for Integrated Living. (www.leedscil.org.uk)

Shoddy Booklet published


Shoddy was at The Inkwell in Aug 2016

Shoddy was winner of Love Art Festival award.


It has been exhibited at Showcase 18, Mutual Fanclub at Simple Gifts Unitarian Centre for Social Action in June 18 and at my Artists Residency at Re Centre London @recentre_london July 2018 and an article about it was published in the Spelthorne Labour party Newsletter September 2018.