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   Lesley Illingworth            

   Textile Artist, Designer Maker

   BA Hons. in Embroidery for Fashion,

   Interiors and Textile Art


I have knitted most of my life rainbow coloured cardigans, a dartboard intarsia jumper which my ex husband didnt dare wear to the pub. I have also enjoyed knitting toys and cacti. I have been very involved with interior design and soft furnishings. However after I had my daughter I got pain in my hands when I knitted and moved to smaller items and moved towards crochet which didnt hurt my hands. I enjoy trying different things and adventurous projects. Recently in lockdown I enjoyed Arne and Carlos programmes on Youtube and really enjoyed knitting their designed squares. I knitted some wired figures which were used for a Harvey Nicholls advertising campaign.

Harvey Nicholls Advert, lesley Illingworth knitted lesley illingworth knitted cat Harvey nicholls advert lesley illingworth knitted figure