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   Lesley Illingworth            

   Textile Artist, Designer Maker

   BA Hons. in Embroidery for Fashion,

   Interiors and Textile Art

charlotte-usb 1095 jul13 129 F_19_low res scissors close

photo by Taz Kyprianou

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Lesley is a Fine Art Textile Artist specializing in Embroidery. She has a BA(Hons) Hand Embroidery for Fashion, Interiors and Textile Art. The Royal School of Needleworks Friends Best Final Project 2015 and The Pershore Prize for personal development award 2015. Her main interests are Activist Textile Art,  Fibre Art, Multi-Media and Painting. As a disabled person, she has extensive experience of oppression and inaccessibility issues from a variety of institutions. Lesley has undergone training on disability oppression and is involved with disability activist organisations. She has had her work exhibited nationally on the issues of disability oppression. Lesley is multi-talented and enjoys all aspects of creativity. She sings, dances, writes, is a poet, filmmaker, she paints, draws, spins, weaves, knits and crochets. Lesley is very interested in the creative process and how it can be developed especially around art, craft, ecology, music and dance. She enjoys teaching and facilitating groups and individuals of all ages providing an encouraging and enthusiastic environment. Lesley holds a City and Guilds Further Education Teaching Certificate and is experienced within a wide range of settings and age groups.