Lesley Illingworth             Textile Artist

   BA Hons, Licentiate of the Society of Designer Craftsmen


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photo by Taz Kyprianou

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I enjoy and have a wide experience of teaching and facilitating groups of people of all ages and abilities . Teaching of embroidery to degree students now undertaken. See contact page

I am an effective communicator who can speak, write, and listen. I can organize and communicate clearly, acting on instructions and independently. My interpersonal skills include relationship building and management, I can relate well to others. I have team-working skills and the ability to work well with others while pursuing a common goal. I am diversity sensitive and enjoy working in a multicultural environment. My leadership and management skills include a strong sense of self, confidence and a comprehensive knowledge of motivating and inspiring to provide a solid foundation for teamwork . I think critically and creatively and am good at problem solving, formulating a vision and reaching a resolution. I enjoy researching themes, painting and drawing to develop designs. I have a very broad range of hand and machine stitching skills, which I can implement in traditional and contemporary embroideries. I am multi-talented and enjoy all aspects of creativity. I am very interested in the creative process and how it can be developed, especially around art, craft, ecology, music and dance.